The Mind

18. 06. 13
Last Updated: 13 June 2018

A human mind is a great tool when correctly used. It starts to develop from day one and continues for a lifespan. The input it receives varies with exposure to different circumstances, situations, environment and surroundings. The mind must interpret the incoming data and make a clear understanding. Other minds and their suggestions can influence decoding. Injuries to the head and the use of drugs, alcohol and exposures to chemicals affect the processing and integration. Knowledge, experience and wisdom fill the mind over time. What one does with it is optional.


Modern Diesel Engines and Fuel Quality

16. 01. 27
Last Updated: 27 January 2016

AIS Fuel Pump Repair or Installation

The modern diesel engine is designed to burn clean diesel fuel only, unlike older diesel engines that would burn almost any type of oil (peanut oil, kerosene, waste oil and the like) The reason why modern engines are more finicky is: the pumps and injectors have much closer tolerances.

Always check the manufactures recommendations for any use of biodiesel. Some will only allow 5% and other as much as 20%. Use caution with fuel dry additives, they contain alcohol. Alcohol can change the flash point of the fuel and cause damage to the engine. Diesel fuel storage tanks can develop microbials and asphaltenes if water is present. These fungi strive on organic fuel and since diesel is an organic fuel, it provides and ideal environment for bacteria to feed and grow. This contamination will clog fuel tank socks and fuel filters with a black substance.  

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Your Car's AC

15. 03. 27
Last Updated: 22 October 2015

Automotive air conditioning has been available in cars for the past fifty years. The majority of the people reading this article are accustom to having A/C in a car. Personally, I remember the days when you rolled down the windows, opened the wing windows and pulled the floor vents open to allow the ambient hot air to circulate. I'm glad those days are over!

I want to educate you about automotive A/C.

Car AC

The A/C system consist of a few components:

  1. The pump or compressor
  2. The condenser
  3. The evaporator
  4. The expansion valve
  5. The dryer
  6. The freon

When the system is new everything is working at peak performance. As the vehicle ages and the system ages things start to change.

Any one of the following is a condition that will cause the system efficiency to decline:

  • The compressor will wear and loose its ability to pump the necessary pressure to operate effectively.
  • The condenser can become contaminated with debris from the highways and loose it's ability to transfer heat effectively.
  • The evaporator can become contaminated with debris coming in from the out side, especially if there is no cabin filter. It can also pick up debris that is dropped into vents or recirculated from the cabin. Restricting the flow of cold air.
  • The expansion valve can become contaminated by contaminates form the compressor deterioration and loose it ability to regulate freon.
  • The dryer is no longer able to remove moisture from the system.
  • The freon leaks from the sealed system, allowing air and moisture into the system, causing pressure issues and insufficient cooling.

Any of these conditions will effect the ability of the A/C system to function correctly. Causing a condition known as insufficient cooling. The system does have safe guards to prevent damage to the system by shutting it down if the pressures are out of specification.

The best advice I can give anyone is to leave the A/C repair to a professional. Please do not add cans of freon to a system in an effort to cause it to operate. The system must be pulled into a vacuum to remove all the freon, air and moisture form the system. Then it must be recharged with the exact amount of freon and oil.

March News

15. 01. 29
Last Updated: 27 March 2015

We have some major changes happening at the shop.

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Automobile Maintenance

14. 12. 23
Last Updated: 24 December 2014

Auto Maintenance

Why should you do the scheduled or routine maintenance on your vehicle. Performing regular maintenance will extend the life of your vehicle and reduce the chance of more expensive component replacement. It will make your vehicle more reliable and reduce the chance of you being stranded. It will increase the resale value your vehicle. Your fuel economy, engine performance, ride and braking will be at its top performance.

What are the consequences of not regularly servicing your vehicle. The opposite of performing scheduled or routine maintenance. Your vehicle will become run down and require major engine and transmission repairs. The tires will wear out faster. It will shake and the brakes wont stop you like they should. In many cases you may decide to replace the vehicle because of the expense to bring it back to a reliable condition.

Your vehicle is an expense! You purchased it, made payments on it and expect it to provide you a service. I understand, but it is a machine and machines require maintenance. The best way to protect your investment is to continue to invest. Maintenance is far less expensive than repair. Even then there is no guarantee that maintenance will prevent repairs. If will only reduce your chance of a repair being needed.

With all this information in mind I want you to think about this. You paid a large amount of money for your vehicle, you drove it and didn't maintain it, you technically saved money in the short term. Because of the lack of maintenance you didn't get as many years of service out of the vehicle. You find yourself replacing the vehicle sooner and the trade in value is far less. On the other hand you did invest in maintaining your vehicle and got several more years of service out of it.