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Last Updated: 29 October 2014

What is control?

Control plays a very big part in everything we do. We control our vehicle as we drive and we control tools, machines and devices just to name a few. Control can be used to restrict, restrain or limit what we do. Governments and employers exercise power and authority to control activity. We have all heard this statement “Self Control”. Why is self control so important in our lives? Self control used in conjunction with ethics creates a person that conducts themselves in a law abiding manner. By doing so the need to be controlled by all the control forms that have been established are done away with.

You ethically control yourself and by doing so you meet the requirements of all control. The moment you allow yourself to be out of control you open yourself up to control by others. A good example of this would be exceeding the speed limit. By doing so you allow the officer to take control, because you didn't control yourself and it resulted in a speeding ticket. By maintaining ethical control over yourself your life will become simpler.