Christmas Specials

14. 11. 23
Last Updated: 23 November 2014

Another Year Ends

AIS Christmas Special

This is the Holiday Season and Christmas is just days away. All of us at Auto Inspection Service would like to wish our clients a Merry Christmas and a great New Year. If it wasn't for your faith in us and the support you have given us, we wouldn't be able to continue to serve you. We have a goal to be the best auto repair shop and in order to do so we need to hear from our clients. I have been sending out surveys and would greatly appreciate your feedback. How can we be the best if I don't know where improvement is needed.

The past two years have brought new faces to the business. I know that change can be good for some yet bad for others. I have had some mishaps due to communication or lack of communication in new personnel. Please note that the core is the same and our goal is to give you the trust that you expect and have always received from us.

Often we hear clients say: “We didn't know that you did that.” We are a one stop shop capable and not limited to anything you need done mechanically to your vehicle. We do that for your convenience. You should never have to go somewhere else for service. Convenience is important and that is why we offer a free valet service to our clients. Please take advantage of our web site there is an abundance of information to help better serve you. 

In closing, we wish you a Merry Christmas.