Customer Service and Communication

14. 09. 26
Last Updated: 26 September 2014


What's missing from the communication between two people? When don't they understand the other persons message? Many times it comes down to the fact they are using technical terms, words that require definition or incomplete information. When this happens the person receiving the message is confused and doesn't understand clearly what has been communicated. This allows the person receiving the message to do their own interpretation. At this point we have one message with two meanings for two different people. This can lead to conflict between the two people. Because, they have their own opinions and are ready to argue the point. Clear communication is very important to both parties, so mishaps don't occur. As a business owner it is very important to me that communication between my staff and the client is as clear as possible. Is this always the case? No. And why not? It could be any number of things. If I were to pick one it would be training. With proper training a customer service person should be able to control the conversation in such a manner that confusion is minimized. Training takes time and during the process mistakes occur and customer satisfaction suffers. 

We at Auto Inspection Service are constantly training and educating our employees to make sure we offer the best communication possible to our clients.