Thank you for taking the time to consider Auto Inspection Service as your Lexus service provider. Your service can be provided by anyone. We would like to go beyond service and provide you with an experience that keeps you coming back; to build a relationship based on trust. Everyone is looking for a service provider they can go to with confidence, wouldn’t you agree? Don’t you want the assurance that the work will be done by professionals who have the acquired skills to perform the job successfully with competence? The reality is, you want the facts about your vehicle and you want the truth. We will honor your request with moral character and ethical principles. We will be fair and impartial, giving you the reliance of fulfillment and promise.

Two Year Parts and Labor Limited Warranty



  • Seat Covers and Floor Mats
  • Oil Changes / Scheduled Maintenance
  • Engine Tune Ups
  • Wheel and Tire Service
  • Repair / Reset Annoying Warning Lights
  • Engine Performance
  • Electrical Problems
  • Engine Repair
  • Engine Exchange: Re-manufactured or Used
  • Automatic and Manual Transmissions Service
  • Heating and A/C – HVAC
  • Suspension Struts and Shocks
  • Disc and Drum Brakes / ABS
  • Steering Racks / Tie Rod Ends / Ball Joints
  • Drive Shaft / U Joints / CV Shafts
  • Exhaust and Muffler Repair
  • Windshields and door glass

A Few Facts About Lexus

The Lexus brand is a subsidiary of the Toyota Motor Corporation. It began with Toyota initiating a top-secret project in 1983 to develop a premium luxury vehicle that could compete with the best ones on the market.

Changes in export laws during the 1980’s many Japanese auto manufacturers to create more expensive vehicles and high-end divisions. Toyota’s launch of the Lexus brand was part of this trend.

The consulting firm that Toyota hired to name their new upscale division presented them with 219 options that were narrowed down to the top five: Vectre, Verone, Chaparel, Calibre and Alexis. The front runner was ‘Alexis’; but due to uneasiness over the name being more applicable to a person than a car, it was slightly modified to create the end result of Lexus.

The launch of Lexus was almost delayed when a public record service named LexisNexis took Toyota to court claiming that there would be confusion if the new car brand used the similar name. The Lexus LS 400 debuted in 1989 without issue after a judge ruled in Toyota’s favor.

Three months after launch, two vehicle owners complained about defective wiring and an overheated brake light. Lexus responded by issuing a voluntary recall of all 8,000 sold and, over 20 days, sent technicians all over to fix the issues free of charge; even picking up and dropping off the vehicles. This event helped establish a reputation for customer service.

Lexus is now available in over 70 countries and offers a wide variety of compact, mid-size and full-size hatchbacks, sedans, coupes and SUVs (both traditional and crossover). They have sub-lines for both performance based and hybrids.