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Two Year Parts and Labor Limited Warranty



  • Seat Covers and Floor Mats
  • Oil Changes / Scheduled Maintenance
  • Engine Tune Ups
  • Wheel and Tire Service
  • Repair / Reset Annoying Warning Lights
  • Engine Performance
  • Electrical Problems
  • Engine Repair
  • Engine Exchange: Re-manufactured or Used
  • Automatic and Manual Transmissions Service
  • Heating and A/C – HVAC
  • Suspension Struts and Shocks
  • Disc and Drum Brakes / ABS
  • Steering Racks / Tie Rod Ends / Ball Joints
  • Drive Shaft / U Joints / CV Shafts
  • Exhaust and Muffler Repair
  • Windshields and door glass


A Few Facts About Chevrolet

The Chevrolet Motor Company was founded in 1911 by racecar driver and automotive engineer Louis Chevrolet and former General Motors CEO William C. Durant after Durant was pushed out of GM.

The partnership and Durant’s exile was short-lived as Louis Chevrolet had sold Durant his shares by 1915, Durant purchased a controlling interest in GM by 1916 and Chevrolet was merged into GM by 1917 and Durant reclaimed his presidency.

Throughout the 1920’s, ‘30’s and ‘40’s Chevy was in close competition with Ford and Plymouth as they were the “low-priced three”.

The 1950’s were a time of great influence for Chevrolet, holding two of its breakthrough moments; the 1953 introduction of the Corvette, one of the brand’s signature models to this day and the 1957 introduction of Chevy’s first fuel-injected engine.

The Chevrolet small-block V-8 engine design has been used in many other GM products since its 1955 debut; including Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick and Hummer.

The prosperity of the company was evidenced in the fact that by 1963, one out of every ten cars sold in America was a Chevrolet.

1967 saw the introduction of Chevrolet’s signature sports car, the Camaro.

Throughout the latter half of the 20th century, Chevrolet was popular in many different car classes from small economy vehicles like the Cavalier to rugged SUVs like the Blazer.

Despite the economic downturn, Chevrolet currently has operations in over 140 countries worldwide. In 2007 GM signed off on a deal allowing a Swiss watch company to produce a line of watches paying tribute to Chevrolet. In 2011 a documentary was produced about the past, present and future of Chevrolet in honor of the 100th anniversary of the company.

Chevrolet sponsors a number of cars and racing teams in different sporting events all over the world.