• The town was founded in 1816 and became part of the newly formed Union township in 1820.
  • Milford Center is one of the smaller settlements to be formed in Union County, having a total population of less than 800 and only covering a total area of about half a square mile.
  • Despite its small size, Milford Center has still been the hometown of some prominent Americans; most notably Norton Parker Chipman. Chipman was an army officer in the American Civil War, an author, military prosecutor, politician and a judge.
  • Milford Center’s prominent resident, Norton Parker Chipman, was the prosecutor in the case against the commander of the Confederate Andersonville prison camp. He later went on to write a book about the camp and his successful trial outcome and a movie was made in 1970 about Chipman and the trial.
  • Milford Center has a rich history of industry as well; housing mills, distilleries, lumber companies, various manufacturers and tanneries.
  • The Village of Milford Center also has an abundant past with journalism; housing newspapers since the late 19th century, starting with the “Darby News” in 1883, which turned into the Milford Echo and eventually closed down. Then there’s the Milford Ohioan, which was established in 1887.