• Unionville Center is a small village with a population of less than 300 and spanning an area of less than a quarter of a square mile.
  • The Village of Unionville Center has added about grown by about 20% in the last century; that may seem like a lot but with such a small community it means the difference of adding about 60 residents since 1910.
  • Although humble in size, both population and area, Unionville Center is the distinguished home of Senator and 26th Vice President of the United States under President Theodore Roosevelt; Charles Warren Fairbanks. He is the namesake of both our local Fairbanks Schools and cities or towns in the states of Alaska, Minnesota, Oregon and Michigan.
  • The Village of Unionville Center proudly hosts a yearly festival honoring their most famous resident, Charles Fairbanks, every May; May being the same month an official Ohio historical marker was dedicated commemorating his birthplace.
  • Like many other settlements in the area, Unionville Center was a part of the Underground Railroad. The Fairbanks home was even one of the households to provide a hiding place for runaway slaves.